for a better version of you

For me, and for my loved ones
Sanitary Napkins are used by every woman each month.
We (as a company) tried to search for more secure pads in the hope of reducing discomfort and pain caused by menstruation,
but the detection of various kinds of toxic components provided endless displeasure to the users.
Thus, we decided to make safe sanitary napkins for comfort and protection.
Not only do we produce good quality organic sanitary pads,
we also tried to break the existing frame-work of sanitary pads and to improve safety by removing the backside of adhesive.
Its distinctiveness from other products has further developed and reduce discomfort from the users.

We have also considered patterns before and after menstruation in order to produce company’s first Ultra Liner.
Our own Hugme Ultra Liner contains long liner length absorber.

“A sanitary napkin that provides you a soft hug for the day”

For your safety and health, Hugme promise for your better life.